Company Overview

BeeBI is founded in 2017 as a IT Software Development and Consulting Company.

As a Business Intelligence Systems solution provider and a Software Development Company, BeeBI is consulting to worldwide biggest brands in their sectors to improve their Information Technology usage and helping them in digitization of their systems.

BeeBI delivers solutions that transform data to information, information to value…

Our mission

  • Focused on innovative solutions and new technology driven structure
  • Attract and retain quality
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage clients’ team
  • Perform the key roles between customers and IT team
  • Performing both Agile and Waterfall Methodologies during Project implementation
  • Highly skilled IT / Business Intelligence Professionals to help clients

Why Choose Us

Business Targets

We’ll help you make sensible decisions about your business targets to achieve your company goals in business life.

Financial Planning

We'll help you to make sensible decisions about your business that can help you to achieve your goals in finance.

Saving Strategy

Your Company Strategy will be defined based on market data and will be sustainable with professional system integrations.

Organization Management

We will help you to manage your organization and make it grow in the healthiest way by considering market changing facts.

Risk Management

Your Risk Management will be managed with scientific facts and financial and other losses associated with risks will be minimized.

Scalability and Sustainanility

Your business scalability and sustainability will be increased with professional solutions.

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