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We take great pleasure in announcing the opening of BeeBI Consulting GmbH Tokyo Branch.

We believe that we will be able to carry our qualified #dataintegration and #automl services and deliver hands on solutions to the #Japan market.

This new venture has been made possible by Prof. Dr. Fatih Ozaydin‘s immense support and continued interest in our business. 

In this sense, Prof. Dr. Fatih Ozaydin will drive Managing Director role of BeeBI Consulting Tokyo Branch with the help of Bora Savas the Board Advisory and MIZRAKLI HALIT (Warattei Harito) as the VP of Sales.

With this step, we are also starting to give #quantumcomputing consultancy within BeeBI Consulting services and we are expanding our service capabilities in;
– Quantum information, computation, communication, and #cryptography
– Quantum networks, repeaters and #quantuminternet
– One-way quantum computing
– Quantum game theory

We will keep touching the intelligence…

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