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Sponsored Concert: A Call for Wolrd Peace

On October 16, 2023, a Turkish-Japanese Friendship Concert will take place at the Berlin Philharmonic. Composed and conducted by Seiji Mukaiyama, the symphonic suite “Friendship” tells the story of the historical bond between Japanese and Turks:In 1890, the Turkish frigate Ertuğrul sank after hitting rocks in a typhoon off the […]

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BeeBI Consulting TOKYO

We take great pleasure in announcing the opening of BeeBI Consulting GmbH Tokyo Branch. We believe that we will be able to carry our qualified #dataintegration and #automl services and deliver hands on solutions to the #Japan market. This new venture has been made possible by Prof. Dr. Fatih Ozaydin‘s immense support and continued interest in our business.  In […]

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SAFEMODE Project Final Event

The final event of SAFEMODE project ✈️ ?  as well as a series of very interesting workshops took place in Piraeus (Piraeus Commerce & Chamber of Industry) on 9th-10th November 2022!!! Over 100 people participated in the event organized by the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH).Thank you to […]

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Our team attended to Snowflake event

With our Data Engineering team we attended to #dataforbreakfast event of Snowflake in Berlin and we had very useful conversations.We have collected the Best-Practices of HDI Group and Billie during their Snowflake transformation journey to cary them to our clients.We keep touching the intelligence with new solutions…

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We became Snowflake Partner

We became a Snowflake Technology and Service Partner to improve our services on Data Engineering, Data Science, Data warehousing and Data Lakehousing systems. Snowflake helps to unify, integrate, analyse, and share previously siloed data with a near-zero management platform that delivers virtually unlimited scale and concurrency. It gains a single […]

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SafeMode Project – 2nd Plenary Meeting

SafeMode Project is 2 years old. With concortium members, we have done 3 days of Second Plenary Meeting of the SAFEMODE project.For the details of the project and the partners, please visit our project website; LinkedIN:

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